Move Super Fast.
Work Dead Hard.
Think Scary Big.
Create Massive Impact.


Speed is everything. Whatever we do, we do it fast, we do it today, we do it now. We find ways to do things sooner than expected. We know speed is everything.


We crave for impact. Whatever we do, we think scary big. We imagine and dare to do what most would consider either foolish or impossible


We value goodness more than we value IQ or EQ. Given a choice between working with a genius or a good human being, we would always choose latter


We don’t build better alternatives. We don’t do things X % better. We do things that have not been done before. We are pioneers, trailblazers, innovators, entrepreneurs who spot opportunities where most cannot

Hard work

Disrupting entire industries and bringing about a paradigm shift is hard work and we surely do work dead hard. And when we party, we do it big and we do it differently, just like the way we work.

Forever a startup

Zauba was a startup, is a startup and will always be a startup. Do you have the desire to work at Zauba or any other startup? Read Why & What of The Startup World to know what it takes.

Culture is Everything

Great culture is the essence of every successful nation, company or group. We value our culture the most. Read Culture at Zauba to know what it looks like.


  • Great Culture

  • Bleeding Edge Technology

  • Gym

  • Swimming Pool

  • Micro Roasted Coffee

  • Fruit Water & Other Beverages

  • Professional & Social Events

  • Team outings to great locations

See where you fit

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New grads and students

We work hard to get things done, we work harder to ensure your careers are off to a good start. Start your career with Zauba We take personal responsibility for your success.


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