Culture @ Zauba

Our culture defines who we are, how we work together and what common values we uphold. Our culture is not set of rules we expect you to follow. Rather this is how we expect you to be naturally. We believe this is the way of being an highly effective and successful professional.

Zauba is Unique

Zauba is not a conventional startup. Zauba is a journey. It’s a journey that is guided by our core values and beliefs. Whatever we do at Zauba, we do it with a desire to create massive impact. We are innovative in nature. We spot unique opportunities and pursue them wholeheartedly. We take bold risks (Seriously bold).

Mission Oriented

Our mission is not just the most important objective, it is the only objective. We are obsessed about our mission and cannot stop thinking about it. We do not work for learning, pay hikes, promo tions or personal glory. All these are by-products of the mission, you get these naturally at Zauba.

Belief in the Mission

We are unique and take bold risks. One may find some of our risks to be foolhardy. However we believe humans have power and ability to accomplish anything. We do not give up until we have done everything humanely possible to achieve our mission.

We expect to be surrounded with people with a can-do attitude. We work (and will only work) with people who see possibilities rather than hinderances. We work with people who are visionaries, who make things happen no matter how impossible it may seem.

Agreeing to Disagree

We recognise that Zauba is place of unique individuals with different perspectives and differing views. We will not agree unanimously all the time.

In situations where there is no unanimous consensus, we agree to disagree and put our best foot forward. We support all decisions as though it were our own.


We are building an exceptional organisation with an exceptional culture to last for generations to come. We create products and services that are exceptional. We love company of colleagues that are exceptional. We hire and reward individuals that are exceptional.

We are obsessed at being exceptional at everything we do. To us, Precision and Perfection are synonyms of exceptionalism.


We live in a world that changes rapidly. New industries are born and old disappear at speeds never experienced before.

At Zauba, Speed is everything. Whatever we do, we do it fast, we do it today, we do it now. We find ways to move fast and always show sense of urgency.

Our speed ensures we always remain ahead of the curve.


We are deeply passionate about what we do everyday and crave to see equal passion and enthusiasm in everyone around us.

It’s are passion that keeps us going even in tough situations.


Human mind is like a parachute. It works when it is open. An open mind sees possibilities and opportunities that others miss. We keep an open mind towards everything around us and show high levels of curiosity to know and understand everything around us.

Curiosity leads to broadening of perspectives and helps in finding solutions that are simple yetradical and innovative.


We build highly innovative products and features that create an impact. Our products are amalgamation of hundreds of small and large innovative features and solutions.

We never give up until we discover solutions to challenging prob lems. Simplicity is not simple. We go to great lengths to keep things simple for our users. We brainstorm for endless hours. Behind our every yes, there are a thousand nos. Most of the times, our one yes is the most innovative or radical idea.

We are highly supportive of colleagues who discuss their thoughts and ideas with us. We build an environment where innovative and gifted individuals are encouraged and respected.


We communicate with clarity and apply principles of precision in expression. We leave no room for ambiguity and misinterpretation.

We communicate proactively and ensure all stakeholders are aware of everything they need to be aware of.

All information is shared openly and proactively. We ensure there are no hidden or unknown areas.

We adapt our communication style to work well with people from around the world who may not share our native language


Collective genius is far larger than sum of individual geniuses. We are far more effective as a group than as individuals.

We are open minded and are receptive to everyone’s thoughts and ideas. We listen respectfully and attentively.

Sharing of Knowledge

Knowledge is an asset that increases when shared and decreases when held to oneself.

We proactively share knowledge with everyone. We are resourceful and helpful to everyone around us. We organise and participate in events to facilitate sharing of knowledge.

Honesty, Integrity & Openness

We are candid and honest about our views and opinions. We value culture with diverse views. We are open and candid about per ceived problems. We take efforts to communicate problems and utilise opportunities to solve them.

Feedback about individual performance and colleagues is shared honestly and respectfully.

Information about organis ation, its strategies and long term ob jectives are shared proactively and discussed openly.


We don’t expect to be trusted by others. Rather we build trust. We believe trust is built and not asked. We deliberately indulge in acts and behaviours that makes our colleagues trust us and rely upon us.


We take ownership of everything that happens around us and take full responsibility for fulfilling our mission.

We introspect to see what we could have done personally when our project, team or organisation failed. We raise up to occasions where we can contribute towards the success of the organisation.

We proactively identify and fix problems, some of which could be out of our functional area.


We find it extremely energising to work with colleagues who are fast, proactive and energetic. By being proactive we are able to ward off problems and always stay ahead of the curve. We proactively iden tify problems and opportunities and take action on them.

No problem is someone else’s problem, its our problem.

Being Good

We believe values are more important than IQ or EQ and are steadfast at preserving them. Given a choice between working with high IQ/EQ individual or individual with good values, we will always choose to work with individual with good values

We help our colleagues when they need. We support our col leagues in their initiatives as though it was our initiative. We don’t say things about our colleagues that we cannot say it to their face.

Everyone deserves respect. Views and opinions of each and every one, irrespective of their designation are valued at Zauba.

Being Humble

No matter who we are today, we are not close to what we are capa ble of being. We strive to be humble and treat everyday as a new day with new opportunities to learn.

We keep our egos in check. Its about the mission and not personal glory.


We take tough decisions without agonising over them. We initiate change without fear of failure.

Failure of initiatives or ideas result in more ideas and initiatives. Failure is a ladder to success


We appreciate and value people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We seek common ground and understanding with col leagues from different cultures.

We exercise zero tolerance towards marginalising colleagues with different opinions or perspectives


We act in the best interest of Zauba. Our only objective is our mission.

We see world as full of possibilities and not a zero sum game. No one needs to loose for the other to win. Either all of us win or all of us win.


We do not manage performance, we only measure level of excep tionalism. Our focus is on achieving exceptionalism along with ev eryone else. We do not distract ourselves with managing perfor mance or worrying about poor performance.

We want to be part of group that needs no management, just a clar ity of vision and purpose. We reward poor performance with a gen erous severance pay with high respect.

Zaubers don’t take debt

We take decisions in the long term interest of the organisation. When confronted with problems with an easy workaround solution and a difficult but long term viable solution, we always choose latter.

We fix problems as soon as they are identified. We never take debt, neither technical debt, nor management debt.

Being great role models

We uphold and improve our core values and culture. We try to be great role model for everyone.

We question things that are inconsistent with our core values and culture.


Alas! We are all humans. We all commit mistakes however we rap idly recover from them. We learn from our mistakes. We are toler ant and empathise when performance of our stellar colleagues takes a dip.

We exercise zero tolerance when issues are related to our culture and values