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Zauba Cloud Computing

ZCC is a next generation cloud computing platform that reduces cost of running serverless applications, IOT data workflows, big data processing and machine learning by more than 90% compared to all major cloud service providers today.

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Zauba Machine Learning

Zauba Machine Learning is a serverless and datacenter agnostic big data storage and processing platform that deliveres unparalled effeciency at fraction of the cost of existing solutions

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Septaz cuts your cloud computing costs by upto 90% by letting your run your mission critical production workloads reliably on AWS spot servers. Septaz was developed as an internal tool at Zauba for reducing our cloud computing costs. By using Septaz, we not only reduced our AWS costs, we also regained our "infrastructure agility" by avoiding long term lock-ins of reserved instances.

Septaz is a free tool to help business, especially SMEs and startups to cut their cloud computing costs and do things not possible before.

Septaz can be integrated with your AWS account in 5 minutes. You can start reducing your costs right away.

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Started as in-house project to accelerate our work on Natural Language Processing, Taydle is now world’s first search engine for research. Taydle lets you treat internet as your database.

Users can run simple and intuitive search queries to return list of websites which contains a press release page, a careers page and about us page contains the words "ICU", "Surgery" and "Doctor". Results would most like be websites of hospitals that have careers and press release page.

Who can use Taydle?

Marketing - There is no better database than the internet. Use Taydle to identify businesses with precision.

Research - Need hard numbers? Use Taydle’s reports to know understand the world of internet as it is.

Data Extraction - Need data for research purposes? Use Taydle’s API to run queries on internet and extract all the information you require.

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Zauba Connect

Zauba Connect is a simple yet radical solution that helps you discover and connect with businesses.

Zauba Corp

Zauba Corp is India’s largest business research platform used by millions of users. We gather data from several public sources to provide a 360 degree view of all companies incorporated in India.

Zauba Corp provides regulatory filings, financial reports, litigation reports, trademarks information and various other information about all companies. Zauba Corp also helps financial institutions to help them in due diligence, market research, data integration and other aspects of their business.

Our users use Zauba Corp to know and truly understand all the companies they deal with.

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Zauba is one of the largest online database of international trade data. Zauba provides unparalleled insights into trade and helps companies take key decisions backed by accurate data.

Zauba, through our Zauba Trade initiative, helps SMEs and Farmers through our partners in Logistics, CHA, Export Consulting and Training. Through our partner network, Farmers and SMEs can export to buyers in 190 countries reliably.

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